Waking the Village

Every dime your family devotes to Art Beast directly supports and sustains WTV programs. 

OUR MISSION: Waking the Village offers housing and support so that Sacramento’s homeless, parenting youth and their children can get busy living rather than surviving. 

Through Tubman House, young parents (18 to 21 years old) experience healthy living, intensive mentoring, parent coaching and college support so that they leave prepared to be leaders in their own lives, and leaders in the lives of their children and communities.

Waking the Village (WTV) is a non profit organization that leads five programs: Tubman House, the Doorway, Audre's Emporium of New Tomorrows, Art Beast Children’s Studio, and the Creation District. Each program centers on an interactive environment that inspires growth and builds community. 

Tubman House, the Doorway, and Audre's Emporium of New Tomorrows are all housing programs that provide stable and nurturing home environments for young families experiencing homelessness. 

Art Beast and the Creation District are both artistic hubs rooted in the belief that youth and children need creativity and expression embedded into their lives in order to thrive and flourish. Please click here to find out more about WTV. If you'd like to help out with your time or make a donation you can fill out the form below or call the studio to find out what is needed or what volunteer opportunities we currently have. 

THE FESTIVAL OF LITTLE HOUSES Annual Fundraiser Camping Weekend

A Weekend of Creativity and Community Supporting the Families of Tubman House. This event is an annual fundraiser for Tubman House. It is held in late September and tickets usually go on sale in early June. To find out more follow this link.


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