What is Art Beast?


Art Beast Studio is open daily to members AND for drop-in visitors from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday and 9am to 6pm on the weekend to provide open studio space, arts exploration rooms, and loads of classes so that children 6 and under can dig into the arts. Forget the days when you could only afford a 45 minute art class once a week! An Art Beast membership offers unlimited time in the open studio and exploration rooms, and weekly arts classes. And our drop-in rate allows each member of your family to explore and create all day with in and out privileges and access to any weekly drop-in class offered the day of your visit!

Sing long, dance often, create all day! 

Why art beast?

Sacramento needs a creative art center for children that includes open studio time and the opportunity to explore various arts. Sacramento has high price point, single class options where children must commit to a single interest. Art Beast believes children under 6 need to explore- not specialize. Art Beast offers that exploration at an affordable price. Monthly memberships package unlimited studio and play space time with weekly class offerings. Family memberships offer steep discounts.

Art Beast acts as a gathering place for parents and caregivers committed to their children’s need to explore the arts. By offering an inclusive space to share art experiences with children, drink tea and connect with other adults, Art Beast encourages the growth of a community that works to make Sacramento’s children art literate, hungry to create, and brave in expressing who they are becoming.

The proceeds from Art Beast fund programs for homeless children and youth. Every penny raised at Art Beast goes to one of two places: back into Art Beast or into Tubman House, a residential community for homeless youth and children. Art Beast is a creative effort to sustain good work and reduce dependency on dwindling funding for nonprofits.

Where else can you build a community of families, grow the artist in your child, support homeless youth and children, and keep the crayons marks off YOUR wall?




Tubman House, the Doorway, and Audre's Emporium of New Tomorrows are all housing programs that provide stable and nurturing home environments for young families experiencing homelessness. 

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