As a non-profit, Art Beast benefits greatly by individuals who dedicate their time to enrich our space. Volunteer opportunities include helping maintain our studio spaces, assisting teachers, taking on uplift projects around our studio, and being a part of our outreach teams. In order to volunteer, a mandatory orientation must be scheduled with one of our Assistant-Directors. Shift recommendations are 4-5 hours on a semi-regular or weekly basis.

If you would like to volunteer your time to make Art Beast a more inviting place, please fill out the interest form HERE



Camp Volunteers-Junior Coaches

Camp volunteers are teenagers and in-betweeners aged 10-17 who wish to gain experience in leadership, working with children, and providing a welcoming, enjoyable environment for our summer campers. Camp volunteers commit to 25-30 hours within one week, and help teachers guide crafts, free-play, and help tidy our art areas. Three mandatory trainings and a standard volunteer shift are required before volunteering with camp.

3-4 spots available per camp. Positions become available at the same time as camp. Multiple weeks possible depending on availability. There is a fee of $75 per camp, per volunteer to cover the 4-8 hours of training, supervision during week of volunteering and to ensure commitments are honored. (Parents this is also a pretty awesome break for you!)

If you're interested in being a camp volunteer during the summer, please fill out the interest form HERE



Art Beast has many options for schooling youth to intern and gain a wide skill-set that favors their interests. In the past, Art Beast has worked with students from The Met High School, Asian Resources for Work Experience, and our own Non-Profit partners Tubman House. Interns help our environment by maintaining our space, guiding crafts and activities, or teaching a class.

If you are interested in a partnership or personal experience with a high commitment level please fill out the interest form HERE

Please direct questions about volunteering to Nancy at artbeaststudio@gmail.com

Please direct questions about internships to andrew at artbeaststudio@gmail.com