Our lobby is where you will check in and pay for admission. We provide coffee and water to help you keep moving through the day! You may leave your strollers here or in our outside stroller park and use our cubbies to store any items if you wish. We also have a small selection of high quality children's toys and Art Beast t-shirts available for purchase. Local artist Ben from Lights in the Night Neon made a sign for us in 2017! The Lobby and the Courtyard are the only areas designated for eating.

Studio Floor

Open Studio: The open studio features tables, easels, and clay mounds where young artists can work. Surrounding shelves are stocked with paint, papers, nature findings, recycled tidbits, glues, crayons, and offerings from which to make art. Children gain confidence in expressing and messing as they create pieces that speak their sense of the world. This floor also features a scented, homemade play dough and two self-directed art projects that change weekly as well as various sensory tables and open ended play stations. 

The Loft: Provides a ramp, bridge, and nooks to explore in a fire-station themed play-space.

Family Bathroom: Our family bathroom yields a standard bathroom as well as a changing table equipped with wipes and baggies for clean diaper disposal.

Drama Den

Our Drama Den features multiple areas of play to harness your child's imagination. From a space capsule and pirate ship to musical instruments hung on the wall to a fully equipped puppet theater and stage, the exploration can go on and on! 

Third Floor

Classroom: In this room we hold most of our classesbirthday parties, Club Beast and camps. It is  open for free play if there is nothing going on in the room, and we've just introduced a new classroom rental option! (LINK) This large, open room is very sunny and boasts a huge mirror wall!

Building Room: Ramps galore and a lego wall, loads of building blocks of various shapes and sizes, and magnetic boards make sure the building possibilities keep coming.

The Nest, Infant Area: Reserved for those still finding their feet, the nest offers a gated, soft play area and tummy time space for babies to claim a variety of adventures.  

Story Corner: There is a comfy glider, a couch and a bookshelf stocked with lovely read aloud picture books on this floor. The perfect place to have a bit of quiet time with your child or to nurse a baby.

Bathroom: Our third floor provides another bathroom for potty-breaks, hand-washing and tidying up as well as a changing table. 


The wildest messes will happen in the courtyard where your family will enjoy sand and water play, a bake shop and the occasional extra-messy workshop. We have a beautiful mural in the Courtyard painted in 2017 by local artist and father, Tyson Roberts. This area and the Lobby are the only spaces designated for eating.