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Petitations: Mindful Play with Ms Liz (Pop Up Classes in August)

Petitations: Mindful Play with Ms Liz (All Ages-caregiver support required)

Petitations are a way of practicing mindfulness with the help of stuffies, Kaleidoscopes and snow globes to make it easier for kids and adults to focus and practice effectively and have fun in the process. Mindfulness has been shown to help with concentration, calming down the body and mind, enhancing relationships and boosting overall happiness. This is a sensory-friendly, family class designed to help children of all ages feel comfortable, accepted, and safe in a quiet an inclusive environment. Stuffies and other mindful props will be provided to use during class (children can bring their own favorite stuffie to use if they wish). Caregivers are encouraged to participate in this 20-30 minute class with their child.