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Where can I park?

Art Beast is surrounded by lots of free, one and two hour street parking.  You should not have trouble finding parking within a block of Art Beast. If you don't want to move your car after two hours, you can park on 22nd Street between J and K and use the 10 hour parking meters. The parking lot behind our building is privately leased and cannot be used by Art Beast visitors.

Can I eat at Art Beast?

Visitors are welcome to eat in the outdoor Courtyard and Lobby at Art Beast. We do sell snacks and have filtered water as well as coffee and tea and Art Beast is surrounded by lots of great, independently owned restaurants (we have a list in the lobby). We prefer that visitors do not bring nuts or nut based foods to Art Beast because we have guests and staff who are allergic BUT we cannot enforce this so we do not want visitors with nut or other allergies to have a false sense of security by assuming Art Beast is nut free - it is NOT. Please take the same precautions you would take visiting any public space.

Is Art Beast a franchise?

No. This is the only Art Beast Studio!  It was dreamed up and put together by two moms who longed for a place to let their children explore the arts at length while also sustaining the nonprofit they founded to support homeless families-Waking the Village.

Can children over 6 visit?

Absolutely!  We just ask they keep in mind the space was designed for a young crowd so be sweet about sharing the space and mindful of the little bodies around you-this space is primarily for them and we want them to feel safe and welcome. We find that the older siblings like spending time in the open studio. They come up with some great creations- and often inspire the younger ones to some new uses of familiar art supplies. Here are some details about our play spaces and some tips to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience at Art Beast. We do require that adults have a child with them when paying for admission to explore our art studio, this is to ensure that our studio is a safe and welcoming place for children and families. If you'd like to visit the studio for a tour or want to inquire about educator training opportunities please email, call, or come in and speak to staff at our front desk.

Do you offer discounts for groups?

We do not offer group discounts. We are hoping to encourage memberships and frequent visits, so we discount our memberships. If you are looking for a fun space to hold a meeting or a special class for a group of kids or families you can contact us to request a quote.

Can you accommodate field trips and groups?

We can host small field trips of 30 children or less. We ask that there be one adult providing supervision for every 4 or 5 children.  We pride ourselves on providing space for creativity. If too many bodies are packed into the building that space is undermined. If you are inviting a large group of friends ( to meet up at Art Beast for free play or a personal celebration that's great! We simply recommend that you call in advance to check to see if we have any field trips or expect a large turnout that day as we are a fairly small space. We can't predict how many guests we'll have on a given day but we can tell you if we are expecting any groups or have scheduled birthday parties and it doesn't hurt to give us a heads up so we know to expect a large group.

Does art beast host birthday parties or rent out space to groups?

We do have birthday party packages available on weekends! Click here for details. We also rent out our classroom to small groups for meetings or classes. We have a variety of options for this but very limited availability, please click here to see more details and then call our studio to inquire about bookings.

Since Art Beast is run by a nonprofit, is it funded by grants?

No. Waking the Village, the nonprofit that launched Art Beast, opened Art Beast to generate funding to keep its Tubman House program alive.  Since grant funding can be unpredictable, we were hoping to find a new and creative way to generate funding for Tubman House. Art Beast is our way of filling another community need- art space for kids- while generating a slight profit to keep a program around for many years to come.  

Can I volunteer at art beast or Help out with anything at Tubman house?

Yes you can! Click a link to find out about youth volunteer opportunities, making donations, helping the families in the Waking the Village program or using your talents to fix, make, or plan something for Art Beast or the residents at WTV.

Is Art Beast fully accessible to someone in a wheelchair?

Art Beast is housed in a building with 4 levels. Most of these are only accessible by stairs.  The lobby of the building and the outside courtyard are accessible. With notice we can accommodate someone in a wheelchair by moving art supplies and tables into the lobby or courtyard, as well as by relocating classes into either of these areas. 

animal policy-guides, support Companions And Pets

We DO allow service animals as outlined by state laws. We DO NOT however allow visitors to bring any other type of pets, including emotional support animals, as there are no laws or official training and registration organizations to clarify what criteria and safety protocols should be for these animals. Art Beast's first priority is to ensure the safety of all our guests.

WHY do GROWN UPS have to pay?

Art Beast hopes to build a community of families. We hope the adults who come will find they get something out of the visit- be it camaraderie, a wonderful bonding moment, a nifty piece of art they made out of string and glue and buttons, or a sense of the possibilities of families sharing in creation and play.  If this still isn’t working for you, consider these points; 

  • We prefer to keep our admission rates low for all guests. We could raise the price for children- and lower the price for adults. Other art or movement classes charge $15 for one child to drop in to one 45 minute class one time and parents get to sit in the lobby for free.   But we believe we are offering an experience for everyone who enters. We believe it has value.  Children under one are free even though we offer play and classes for them and the second adult in your group is ALWAYS free. 

  • We are a nonprofit. EVERY dime we get is used for only one of two things- to make ArtBeast better or to pay for the counseling, food, home, child care, and hope we offer the formerly homeless parents that live at residence homes. Think of the adult fee as a way of giving thanks that you can offer your child this opportunity to dig into the arts- while other children are still hoping for a stable roof over their heads.  

  • Most family activities do require adults to pay.  The zoo, local amusement parks, children’s theaters, children’s movies, museums for kids and mini golf all charge you despite the fact you likely would not choose this recreation opportunity sans child.  

  • We reward becoming a member! Finally, we are truly hoping Art Beast becomes a real community and that you will become a member. Because if you join, we see you all the time. Families connect, relationships between your family and our staff grow. Children perform and create and sing and build together many times a week. Caregivers come and talk deeply about the art of parenting with teachers and other visitors.  Friendships blossom so that partners and friends can divide and conquer so one parent can take the kids to Art Beast while the other hits the grocery store. Our children grow up together, creating, singing, and surrounded by adults who know them and care for them. Great things start to happen in Sacramento for families. 

  • Need more convincing?   Have you checked out the price of kids’ arts classes yet?  Priced out two half days at a Parent Participation Co-Op?   We’re an amazing deal. Honest. 

And hey…. the organic coffee is free. 

How do Art Beast prices compare to other children's activities?

If you compare what you get with an Art Beast membership to the area’s other offerings, Art Beast offers much more opportunity to explore for about the same price.  

To compare:                                     

One 45 minute, weekly dance class as local studio:  Drop in:  $16   Monthly:  $56

One 45 minute, weekly parent and child music class:  $75 month

Two day a week, half-day parent participation preschool:  $132 - $175 monthly

1 hour a week sports class at local gym for 3 and 4 year olds:  $70 monthly

One matinee movie a week with a parent and two children:  $84

One week of 3 hour-a-day art camp:  $150+

One month family membership to a gym:  $100+

At Art Beast, you can come every day between 9 am and 6 pm to explore and play AND attend a weekly class.  If you have more than one child, you pay only $15 more to add all additional children under 7.

AND DON’T FORGET: Your membership supports Tubman House, a residential program for homeless families. Your membership helps provide the diapers, college textbooks, groceries, and housing that gives young, homeless parents and their children a shot at a new future.

WHAT IS THE FESTIVAL OF LITTLE HOUSES? This is an annual fundraiser for the Tubman House. It is held in late September and tickets usually go on sale in early June. To find out more follow this link.