Art Beast Camps


Camp Beast-Summer Camps at Art Beast

                 OUR 2018 camp schedule will be released March 1st

Session Times: 9 am to 2 pm

Pricing: $200 a week. Additional siblings enrolled the same week receive a 15% discount.  $75 non-refundable deposit to reserve a space.

Please Bring: Lunch, snack, and a bottle of water. Wear clothes that can get messy!

To Register: Complete the online form  or call the studio at 916-441-1233 between 9 am and 6 pm. 


Art Beast camps are designed for children 4 to 7 years old. We create a space that honors children by offering activities and environments suited to their age range. No trying to keep up with the 10 year olds at this camp!  Each session fills at 16 children and is led by two teachers, promising a group that can grow close. The camps offer a blend of structured arts exploration in the classroom and free play within the building, always under close supervision by the camp teachers.

Our camps are about exploring art and self-expression. Children dig into an array of mediums and arts in their own way. No matter the theme, we promise arts integration with movement, song, story, and art. After or before camp each day, you can stay and play at Art Beast with your child as long as you’d like.

And, as always, when you choose Art Beast, your money supports Waking the Village’s communities for young, homeless parents and their children at Tubman House and Audre’s Emporium of New Tomorrows. In 2016, Art Beast generated over $50,000 to sustain Tubman’s child development program for children experiencing homelessness.

2017 Summer Camps-Camp Beast

Mar 12, 2017 10:20 PM

June 19th-June 23rd : From the Ground Up!

During the week, campers will enjoy building and piecing together resources in imaginative ways! Throughout the camp we'll build our own cardboard forts, tinker trophies, and our own rockin' obstacle course. Children will also work on cooperative games and tasks as they learn to create and reinforce friendships. Bring your builder's brain!

Teacher Biography: Nancy is a student at Sac State, a drum line instructor at local high schools, AND she is the Co-Assistant Director at Art Beast. She has worked and taught several music and art classes at Art Beast since 2013. As an avid creator, she is also the designer of the many whimsical creatures and scenes that fill our front windows and studio. Whatever her pursuit, Nancy brings much originality and fun into the experience of her classes and camps.

June 26th-June 30th: It's a Bird It's a Plane... It's Superhero Training Academy

Welcome to the most joyful and advanced superhero academy ever! New recruits are invited to come and train with the most intelligent and skilled superheroes in the world (you and your camp friends)! As a part of this elite program, we will create our own superhero names, assemble our own armor (super hero cuffs, shields, and capes), decode secrets messages, go through an agility training course, and create long lasting friendships and memories. By the end of the training, we will discover what it takes to become not just a superhero, but someone who can make a difference in the world. 

Teacher Biography: Andrew has been an Art Beast coach and teacher since 2012 and is now the Co-Assistant Director. He studied Fine Arts, graduating from CSUS with a minor in Apparel Marketing and Design. Andrew has done nearly EVERYTHING at Art Beast from keeping the center tidy to managing the piles of paperwork at the front desk, from teaching camps and classes to providing excellent customer service to visitors. Andrew’s gentle spirit, constant smile, and his love of all things Super Hero has made him a favorite among staff and families alike at Art Beast.

July 3rd –July 7th (NO CAMP ON JULY 4th! Reduced camp rate): Super Scientists! A World of Science

Join us for a fun filled science adventure! During this 4 day camp (no camp on Tuesday) we will be exploring various science disciplines and we will “meet” some famous and some lesser known scientists while sampling their various fields of study with an emphasis on under-represented individuals like women and people of color. We will look at fossils, plants, animals, rocks, and crystals- and dabble a bit in chemistry and electronics. In additional to our scientific discoveries, we will also make extraordinary art each day, share books, and play games related to our topics of study. There will be erupting volcanoes, fizzing paint, rainbow clouds, dino dough, journaling and much more!

Teacher Biography: Leslie is a mother, artist, and children’s librarian with a passion for bringing stories to life through art and encouraging families to get messy! Leslie has a Masters of Library Science degree and over 15 years of experience working with children and families in libraries and community centers. With an undergraduate degree in Photography, Leslie has been a lifelong lover of the arts who has dabbled in many mediums. She loves sharing stories and songs with children and finding playful ways to use art and movement to build confidence and creativity.

July 10th-July 14th: Music Around the World!

Let's take a trip around the world as we explore songs, dances, stories and art! Each day of camp will be an opportunity for campers to learn about countries such as Mexico, Ghana, and Ireland. We will explore different art and music styles and play fun music games. Campers will have many opportunities to sing freely! We will also learn basic music notation and how play the glockenspiel (xylophone). No previous music experience necessary.

Teacher Biography: Ariana is a musician and mother and has been a music educator for over 20 years, teaching music and movement classes and piano lessons to students of all ages. She studied classical piano performance at UC Santa Barbara and has specialized training in early childhood education and early childhood music. She has been teaching classes at Art Beast this past year as well as working at a local elementary school. Ariana brings a warm, welcoming vibe to all that she does and she brings the joy of music to children in a playful and highly engaging way.

July 17th –July 21st : Mystical Magic Camp

Campers are invited to bring every bit of imagination and whimsy into creating a whole new world. Each day of camp we will create our own characters and landscapes as we interact with exciting fictional forces. Activities will include plenty of arts and movement as we engage in wand-making, treasure-hunting, and building our very own class pet: a dragon!  Teacher Bio-See Nancy above.

July 24th-July 28th : 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Blast Off to Outer Space!

From the Earth's atmosphere to the outer reaches of our solar system, we welcome you to join us on a mission to explore outer space. Comets, planets, and stars are all waiting to be discovered in this fun, hands-on camp. During our galactic adventures we will create our own jet packs to travel into outer space, make versions of alien space crafts and aliens, discover the different constellations in the night sky, make our very own moon rocks, build robots to help us navigate on distant worlds, and hold all of space in our hands by making galaxy slime. Let's blast off and discover the universe together!  Teacher Bio-See Andrew above

July 31st-August 4th Stories Alive! Exploring Folktales from Around the Globe

Come meet new friends and travel the world through the reading and telling of fabulous tales. Some stories you will know already and some will be new, but each will inspire us to create our own artwork, storytelling props, and costume pieces to retell each one. Each day of camp will feature a traditional story from countries spanning the continents as well as art, games, and a reenactment of the tale in the form of picture stories, puppetry, acting, and more. Join us for a week of fun and fantasy!  Teacher Bio-See Leslie above

August 7th- August 11th : Sound Explorers!

Join us for a week of exploring art through sound and motion! Campers will be able to participate in activities such as jazz-painting, storybook art, and messy music. We will be dancing, singing, drumming, and playing instruments as we build a bridge between the world of art and the world of music. Let's get ready to explore different musical styles such as Jazz, Classical, R&B, Rock 'n Roll, and World Music. Campers will also learn the basics of music notation and an introduction to the glockenspiel (xylophone). No previous music experience necessary.  Teacher Bio-See Ariana above

August 14th- August 18th It's a Monster Mash!
This camp is for fans of extra limbs, eyes, and teeth - or lack thereof. During this camp, we'll explore what it is that makes a monster and the odd beasts that we hear about in stories. While exploring our best monster behaviors, we'll tap into monster games that help us meet each other and become friends! As the week moves on, our campers will slowly turn into monsters of their own creation - with beast feet, hats, and accessories that they conceptualize through the week. Together, campers will also explore the sensory formations of various monster gucks and goos. Join us at the end in our decorated beast zone for a monster mash dance to meet your new monster! Nancy and Sonya will teach this class together.

Teacher Bio-See Nancy above

Teacher Biography: Sonya has worked as an Art Coach the last three years and has been a birthday party host for 2 years. She debuted as a camp teacher last summer and got rave reviews from the kids in her gardening camp. Her kindness, warmth, and joy in creating with children ensures that a wild and wonderful time will be had by all again this summer. 

Special programs like camps, workshops, events, and Club Beast require advance registration and have additional fees. Please call the studio directly to find out more or check availability. LIMITED SPACE & ADVANCE REGISTRATION REQUIRED.