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Stained Glass Nature Collages

A simple and beautiful craft made with natural materials.

Hey Beasties, Jamie here!

I was walking home on my lunch break one day and I couldn’t help but feel inspired by the beautiful colors and textures growing all around me. The flowers in bloom, the leaves and trees, and all the plants that line the streets of midtown had me feeling creative! Of course I started collecting petals I found on the ground, and any other natural treasures that caught my eye. When I got back to work I decided to make a stained glass nature collage!

Today, I want to teach you how to make one as well!


First, gather your materials. I like to keep things simple, so there are only a few things you will need:
· Contact paper
· Scissors
· Hole punch
· Hemp cord, twine, yarn, or ribbon
· A stick
· Various petals, leaves, twigs, natural materials

Grab your contact paper and cut out two matching pieces of any shape. You can do this by folding a bigger piece of contact paper in half, or putting two opposite facing pieces together and cutting your shape. I chose to use a square, but feel free to get creative! As long as you have two pieces that match up, you’re good to go! Peel the white piece off one of your contact shapes and start arranging your treasures on the sticky side. When you’re done, peel apart your second contact shape and place it on top, sticky side down, to seal everything in. Now your collage is ready to be prepped for hanging! See below for a step-by-step visual tutorial!

After you have your contact paper peeled, gather your natural materials and start collaging!

Pro tip: it can be a little tricky to peel apart contact paper so I like to start at one of the corners and peel from there.


Once you’re happy with your collage arrangement, place your second piece of peeled contact paper on top to seal it. Press down firmly to get any air bubbles out.


Looking pretty!

Next, take your hole punch and make two holes at the top your collage for hanging.


After you’ve made your holes, you will need your stick, scissors, and ribbon (or hemp cord, twine, or yarn) to hang your stained glass art! I cut two pieces of ribbon of equal length and strung one through each hole. To secure everything in place, tie a knot at the end of each ribbon to the collage, another knot each to your stick somewhere in the middle of the ribbons, then tie the other end of the ribbons to each other.

Another option is to thread the two ribbons through each hole and knot their ends directly to the stick! Oh the possibilities!

See how lovely this looks in a sunny window?! Find a place to hang it and enjoy the beauty of nature!


And that’s it! I hope you have fun crafting with nature as much as I do!

See ya next time,