Festival of Changemakers 2018-First Annual All Day Workshop

A new tradition! The Festival of Changemakers was truly inspiring. Thanks to all the friends who showed up to share wisdom and make magic. Not only did we raise funds for Waking the Village, we gave a community of girls a chance to work those muscles of raising your voice, pushing past discomfort, doing something ridiculous, making something beautiful, and, most of all, sharing their very hopeful visions for the world we share.


The Changemakers are here! So many of our girls grow up hearing, "Just wait until she is teenager." Well, after an amazing day spent with 9 to 14 year old girls at the Festival of Changemakers, we can say: We can't wait to see this generation continue to grow. Yesterday, a community of girls gathered at the river to create, sing, dance, and build a community where we sweeten the world by offering up our strengths, our bravery, our love, and our commitments.