Big Day of Giving-May 3rd, 2018


Please support Waking the Village/Tubman House for the Big Day of Giving!

Messages and updates from one of our founders: Bridget Alexander

May 1st, 2018

"My least favorite part of my job (asking people for money) makes the best part of my job (supporting rockstars like the graduates below) possible. We do a lot to avoid asking folks for donations. We created Art Beast and festivals and child development centers so we can MAKE money to sustain our homeless programs and not have to repel all those we love with constant shake downs. But, the hard fact is, we need you. We have grown so fast and the funds just can't keep up. We have happy endings to manifest- so hope you'll consider helping us out on Big DOG. We have $10,000 match waiting to double the value. You can schedule any time:"

PS Sharing our posts on Facebook and Instagram or telling others about our organization makes a massive difference in getting seen and spreading the word about all that we do.

May 1st, 2018
Many of the youth Waking the Village serves are pregnant and parenting moms who often don't have a strong support network to raise a child. Waking the Village provides a nurturing home environment for youth and their children, as well as free childcare through our Art Beast Child Development Center. Our intensive-coaching model focuses heavily on supporting our young and often first-time moms so that they can be confident parents and foster healthy relationships with their children.

This means that:

100% of our pregnant residents connect to quality prenatal care within two weeks of entry, attend birthing classes, write birth plans, and have staff support during the birth.

100% of parents participate in Waking the Village’s programs to strengthen parenting skills and report a greater capacity to provide developmentally sound care and environments to children.

Schedule your donation to support Waking the Village's young moms today or give during BDOG on Thursday!

April 28th, 2018

There's over 75 youth and children on our wait lists right now. Two years ago, they would have been waiting on 8 spots. 68 we would never meet. They would evaporate over time. We would be haunted by the possibilities never offered them. Well, thanks to a team FULL of fight and a community that believes in us, we call those days done. 
In 2016, we launched 12 more units for families. We also launched the Creation District to create a hub for youth in our community to build connections and get help- even while they wait for housing. In 2017, we opened two more houses, launching Sacramento's first transitional housing program for LGBTQ youth and adding 8 more units for youth and families. We also opened a licensed child development center to offer free childcare to the children in our programs. 
In 2018, we created flow in our housing programs by partnering for access to Housing Choice Vouchers that allow out clients to move into subsidized apartments with on-going case management so that they have more years to claim degrees and careers and stability. We also created three new positions. An Employment Specialist will work with the youth in all our programs, building relationships with employers and supporting our youth in getting and keeping jobs. A Housing Specialist will develop tenancy skills and build landlord relationships so that our graduates are leaders within their apartment complexes. A Prevention and Intervention Specialist will work with youth on our wait list to ensure they connect to housing and needed services MUCH faster. 
In fact, we are partnering with Lutheran Social Services and Wind to get all three youth providers into the new youth center so that we greet youth on day one of homelessness with expertise and kindness- and a swift path to housing. The Creation District will center in the space to provide joy and connection- and use the new ArtReach van to get into all corners of the county. 

From 8 units to 55 units in 2 years. From "Sorry, we're full" to "Let's get you housed" when we pick up the phone. Though we are housing 6 times more and offering 6 more programs, our budget has grown less than 3 fold. We need the Big Day of Giving to fill gaps. Dare we dream that we double the funds we raised last year? I promise we put it to good use. You can schedule your donation right now at the link listed below. By the way- see that hot shot in the photo below? Despite having two young children and living in Audre's bustling community, when we told her we could offer her a job if she knocked out 12 no-joke college units, she knocked them out in one semester with great grades. Can't wait to hire her. This is what we do with your money!