Art Beast Teachers

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Tonya Murrieta

Tonya has taught at Art Beast for over 4 years and teaches private art classes at her home studio.

Tonya is an artist and mother who truly enjoys inspiring children of all ages to express themselves through the creation of art. Tonya is a Sacramento State graduate with a degree in Art Education.  She has loved making art with a variety of materials as well as sewing since she was a child. For the past decade, her creative focus has been mosaics, dimensional art, designing jewelry and knitting. She has an Etsy shop (Shadylane25) where she sells her hand made jewelry and knit accessories. Tonya brings loads of teaching experience (she teaches private art classes for older children at her home studio, Shady Lane Art School.) to Art Beast as well as being a strong role model and mentor to children.

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Music Teacher

Carlos has been involved with kids for over 5 years, teaching art in schools and drums on the side. Carlos has been playing drums for over 10 years after wanting to be a part of a band and feeling comfortable behind a drum set. Carlos believes that the  rhythmic beat of the drums connect us to our heart, and is a great way to release some energy.



Michelle is teaching a fun and engaging yoga class on Thursday mornings for all ages.

Michelle Kizner has worked with children of all ages since she was a teenager. She has been an educator in extracurricular science programs, a high school biology, and homeschool support teacher. She also runs outdoor education programs for children. Michelle completed yoga teacher training in 2014 and has taught yin, vinyasa, and hatha yoga for adults as well as family and children's yoga for many ages. Michelle loves to garden, cook, and, get outside. She is an animated storyteller and loves singing songs and dancing. 

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Music Teacher

Ismael is a student at Sacramento State University where he studies Percussion and Music Education. After completing his degree, he plans to pursue a career as a music therapist specifically behavior therapy. Ismael has taught middle school and high school drum lines throughout the Modesto area. He started at Art Beast in December of 2018 and is excited to be a part of such an amazing co-operative that not only takes care of their patrons, but the community as a whole.



Art Teacher

Mr. Philip grew up here Sacramento. He fell in love with art when his father introduced him to painting at five and to the joy of plein air painting at seven years old. He went on to study at the California College of the Arts. After being all over the world, Mr. Philip recently landed back in Sacramento where he continues following his heart - art.

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Music Teacher

Miss Emma has been an active musician in Sacramento since 2008. Emma studied jazz and popular music at Berklee College of Music and Cornish College of the arts. A Co-Founder of Girls Rock Sacramento, and a UC Davis graduate, Emma is passionate about empowering the youngest humans through musical education. This year she began as the ECE music teacher at Shalom School and has since found an absolute calling to spread joy through music. Miss Emma teaches using open ended curriculum which is child and process centered. She believes that music allows people to be exactly who they are.


Liz Gruskin

Mindfulness Teacher

Dr. Gruskin's meditation practice has been going strong for 13 years now. She began Petitating 7 years ago when her dog decided he wanted to join her as she meditated. In 2018 she wrote a book, The Petitation Companion, and is now working on other books for children and adults. Liz completed the Youth Mindfulness Program through Mindful Schools, the Intensive Practitioner Program at UCLA, and earned her doctorate in Public Health from UC Berkeley.

Fill out an interest form on this website to hear about our teacher rates and schedule opportunities.

Fill out an interest form on this website to hear about our teacher rates and schedule opportunities.


We provide weekly 20-30 minute classes with a focus on process-art, movement, and music. Teachers need a patient and inviting personality with passion and experience for what they'd like to teach to our Art Beasties. We would love to add more movement and dance into our curriculum. Here are some ideas: Yoga, Ballet, Hip/Hop, Improvisational Movement, or more! Please contact Leslie at

What You’ll Find in Art Beast’s Teachers

  • Experience working alongside children 0 to 7

  • A patient, joyful spirit

  • Ability to respond to each child’s needs in creating a welcoming space

  • A warm, friendly hello

  • Love for building an inclusive community of families

  • Crazy for the arts

  • Dazzled by the possibilities present in each child

  • Values all individuals and all types of family structures, and shares stories and songs that reflect families and children of many cultures and family types.

  • Promotes gender equity by ensuring stories, songs, and other artistic expressions portray both girls and boys equally as protagonists, and by portraying both girls and boys as brave, adventurous, heroic, gentle, loving, mischievous, and spirited.