Art Beast Teachers


Leslie Stair

Leslie has taught classes at Art Beast for 5 years. She also created and runs the Club Beast program and leads in-house process art training workshops for educators.

Leslie is a mother, artist and children’s librarian with a passion for bringing stories to life through art and encouraging families to get messy! Leslie has a MLIS and over 15 years of experience working with children and families in libraries and community centers. Leslie has been a lifelong lover of the arts who has dabbled in many mediums and has her own shop on Etsy called ArtsyMommas. She's taught classes at Art Beast since 2012 and coordinates our classes and outreach activities. Leslie also plans and leads classes for all ages at libraries, businesses, community centers, and private events. Leslie teaches classes at Art Beast as well as at local libraries and the Coloma Center (for Zen Martial Arts). Leslie says she loves sharing stories and songs with children and finding playful ways to use art and movement to build confidence and creativity in people of all ages. Contact her at

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Tonya Murrieta

Tonya has taught at Art Beast for over 4 years and teaches private art classes at her home studio.

Artist and mother Tonya truly enjoys inspiring children of all ages to express their selves through creating art. Tonya is a Sacramento State graduate with a degree in Art Education and has been a teacher at Art beast since 2013.  She has loved creating art with a variety of materials as well as sewing since she was a child.  For the past decade, her creative focus has been mosaics, dimensional art, and a passion for knitting. She has a an Etsy shop where she sells her hand made knit & crochet accessories. Tonya brings loads of experience teaching art to children of all abilities. Currently, she teaches private art classes at her home studio and after school enrichment art classes for NCS star academy. For more information you can find Tonya's Facebook page here, Shady Lane Art School.


Ariana Hunt

Ariana is a piano teacher and teaches music at a local elementary school.

Ariana is a musician and mother and has been a music educator for over 20 years, teaching music and movement classes and piano lessons to students of all ages. She studied classical piano performance at UC Santa Barbara and has specialized training in early childhood education and early childhood music. She has been teaching classes at Art Beast this past year (2017) as well as working at a local elementary school. Ariana brings a warm, welcoming vibe to all that she does and she brings the joy of music to children in a playful and highly engaging way. You can contact her to inquire about private lessons at 


Resha Jenkins

Resha leads our Friday Workshops for Big & Little Beasties and hopes to start a photography business of her own one day.

Resha is the mother of a lovely and lively toddler and started working at Art Beast in December of 2016. She is a proud graduate of our sister organization-Tubman House, who now lives in her very own apartment ending her period of homelessness! Resha says she has always been creative and artistic in her “own special way” and she has already completed several courses towards a major in Photography. The first thing you will notice about Resha is her wonderful smile and engaging and kind personality. She is currently an Art Beast Coach and co teaches Summer Camps as well as planning and leading our Friday Workshops where she loves to encourage families to get messy and play with their art!

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Courtney is leading our Friday Workshops in July and started doing outreach events with Art Beast this year. She also has her own small business, check it out here.



Nicole Fong

Nicole loves encouraging kids to express themselves through movement and singing!

With a passion for music and the arts, Nicole enjoys playing guitar in her church worship group and utilizing her musical abilities to lead music classes that encourage children to explore musical instruments and sing in a group as well as moving their bodies. Nicole has experience one on one with tutoring 2nd graders in math and English, leading simple arts and music classes/activities and continuously learning from all that Early Childhood Education has to offer her. She has volunteered at the YMCA Daycamp, interned at Bret Harte Elementary in a second grade class and enjoys extracurricular activities such as rafting, cross country running and boxing. She focuses on finding ways to incorporate her passions into each of her classes. She is currently a student at Sacramento City College achieving her general education and seeking her career path of pursuit. 


Bryna Lovig

Bryna is teaching a Story Art class this summer on Tuesdays and she co teaches Club Beast during the school year at Art Beast.

Bryna is a mother and a crafter with loads of experience working with young children. She has wrangled groups of them since she was 11 years old and spent 2 years assisting in a public Waldorf kinder classroom. She has been a teacher at Art Beast since 2016, mainly co-teaching with Ms Leslie for our drop off program, Club Beast. Bryna's strong, calm and compassionate approach to interacting with children has endeared her to parents and children alike.



Diana Monroy

Diana is teaching a wonderful, nature based class for young children this summer. Her daughter Elijah also volunteers at Art Beast for camps and Club Beast.

Diana is a freelance art teacher who has worked to create and run art programs both for classroom settings as well as after school enrichment programs. She can be found working with many community groups (and in support of many social justice causes) in Sacramento like Adventure Playground as well as supporting fundraisers and doing community outreach. She has two very artistic daughters whom she home schools with a passion. Diana works in many mediums including fiber arts and is especially interested in fostering a community of young artists who learn and grow by looking at art throughout history, creating a dialog in the classroom and creating meaningful artwork together. Diana’s giving spirit and extremely genuine nature has made her a well-loved member of the Sacramento community.


 Fill out an interest form on this website to hear about our teacher rates and schedule opportunities.

Fill out an interest form on this website to hear about our teacher rates and schedule opportunities.


We provide weekly 20-30 minute classes with a focus on process-art, movement, and music. Teachers need a patient and inviting personality with passion and experience for what they'd like to teach to our Art Beasties. We would love to add more movement and dance into our curriculum. Here are some ideas: Yoga, Ballet, Hip/Hop, Improvisational Movement, or more! Please contact Leslie at

What You’ll Find in Art Beast’s Teachers

  • Experience working alongside children 0 to 7
  • A patient, joyful spirit
  • Ability to respond to each child’s needs in creating a welcoming space
  • A warm, friendly hello 
  • Love for building an inclusive community of families
  • Crazy for the arts
  • Dazzled by the possibilities present in each child
  • Values all individuals and all types of family structures, and shares stories and songs that reflect families and children of many cultures and family types.
  • Promotes gender equity by ensuring stories, songs, and other artistic expressions portray both girls and boys equally as protagonists, and by portraying both girls and boys as brave, adventurous, heroic, gentle, loving, mischievous, and spirited.