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Visiting ArtBeast

Studio Hours and Contact

ArtBeast Studio is open daily from 9am to 6pm. 
Address: 2226 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95816. 
Phone:  (916) 441-1233. 


Admission: $8 per person.
Children under 1 and one extra adult in same family: Free.
Find membership pricing at the bottom of the page
along with link to make an online purchase.

ArtBeast Studio is located at: 2226 K St., Sacramento, CA 95816

ArtBeast Play Spaces

Open Studio: The open studio features tables, easels, and clay mounds where young artists can work. Surrounding shelves are stocked with paint, papers, nature findings, recycled tidbits, glues, crayons, and offerings from which to make art. Children gain confidence in expressing and messing as they create pieces that speak their sense of the world. 

Classes:  ArtBeast classes emphasize exploration over specialization. Classes include dance, yoga, storytelling, singing, drumming, Spanish, visual arts, music, movement, and dramatic arts. Our memberships allow children to sample the arts affordably so that they needn’t pick a single discipline or limit exploration to 45 minutes a week. Drop in visitors can join a class if the class is not full.  Classes are included with drop in admission.

Play Spaces:

  • Dramatic Play: Features puppet theatres, space capsule, camping scene, costumes, props, sets, and a stage to perform stories, songs and dances.
  • The Loft: Provides nooks, ramp, and bridge to explore along with a vet hospital on the bottom floor.
  • The Nest:  Reserved for those still finding their feet, the nest offers a soft play river walk and tummy time space for babies to a claim a variety of adventures.  
  • Music: Guitars and drums. Jingles, songs and percussion galore!  An outside bang wall of pots and pans allows children to create music.  Weekly drum circles brings beasties together to sing and dance.
  • The Courtyard:  The wildest messes will happen in the courtyard where your family will enjoy sand, gravel and water play, chalk work, and art that spills.
  • Building Room: Ramp and lego walls, loads of blocks, and a light table make sure the building possibilities keep coming.


For the same price you’ll pay monthly for a one-time-a-week, 45 minute children’s art class at many studios, you can join ArtBeast. As an ArtBeast member, you enjoy:

  • Unlimited open studio time on YOUR child’s schedule.
  • Unlimited use of ArtBeast’s play spaces.
  • Four free classes each month per child
  • Connection to the ArtBeast community through playgroups and member events.
  • Heavily discounted family memberships so multiple children can access the arts.

Adult and Child Monthly Pass: $38 a month with annual contract ($60 a month without): Admits one child accompanied by an adult. Multiple adults can use the pass to accompany the same child. 

Family Monthly Pass: $48 a month with annual contract ($75 a month without): Admits one family’s children and accompanying adults. Art Beast is designed for children under 7, but older children are welcome to join younger siblings in the Open Studio.

BEST VALUE: ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP CONTRACT: $38/month Adult and Child Pass and $48/month Family

Over 35% savings off the cost of a membership purchased month by month. Includes 4 classes per child per month and easy automatic billing.

10 Admissions Punch Card:  $65: Allows ten entries into Art Beast for the day. One punch taken for each member of the family 1 year old or older.

Annual Pass: $350 (Child and Adult) or $475 (Family): Free admission for one year AND 4 classes a month for each child under 7. Free family workshops. 5% off birthdays and special events. 

To purchase memberships, punch cards, or gift certificates online, 
click here: