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ArtBeast Classes

Class Schedule


Juguemos! Spanish Sing, Play and Learn: (2 & up): 10:00am: Children develop vocabulary and an ear for the Spanish language as they play and sing in Spanish. Movement games help children integrate the new words they are learning. The instructor is fluent in Spanish and immerses the children in the sounds of this beautiful language. Teacher: Maggie Gomez

Art Explorers (3 & up): 11:00am: Children will explore the art elements and design principles used in the creation of art.  By using a variety of materials we will investigate lines, shapes, colors, textures as well as space and pattern.  Teacher: Tonya Murrieta


Baby and Me Music and Art (0 to 18 months): 9:30am: Connect with your baby beastie through songs, books, and art exploration. Relying heavily on repetition and close adult/child interaction, the carefully selected components of this class are designed to get you and the little one on your lap engaged with each other as well as the teacher and the other babies in class. A very short  art experience will follow our circle time activities. This will be done on the floor where babies and caregivers can explore art making together and will usually be finger painting or a simple tactile project.  Teacher: Leslie Stair

Guided Floor Craft (All ages) 10 – Noon Every Tuesday, Mariah will be leading a new craft on the studio floor. Children can drop by any time during the session to engage.

Toddler Sing, Dance, Create (1-3): 10:30am: Tuesdays from 10:30-11:00 This class is designed for little beasties who are mobile and can sit at a table to explore simple thematic art projects with their caregivers. Similar in format to the Baby & Me class but with more variation, more independent movement activities and a slightly longer book, this class offers a comfortable transition from babyhood to “big kid” by encouraging young spirits to move their bodies, sing along with the teacher, and explore art making. Teacher: Leslie Stair

Toddler Time (1-3): 9:30am: Connect with your toddler through song, art and movement. Each session is carefully designed for young spirits to move, make noise and create.Teacher: Tonya Murrieta

Clay Play (All ages): 10:00 am: Combining technique with the joy of squishing, this class invites kids to explore clays and doughs of various textures as they create their own works.  Tonya will teach beginning techniques of shaping, rolling and texturing as the students pursue a range of projects. Teacher: Tonya Murrieta

Drum Circle (All ages): 11:00am Children gather around a circle of drums and percussion instruments to create a community of rhythm. As children learn beats, our teacher inspires the circle toward unity. Teacher: Deborah Cardoza

Messy Science (4 to 7): 2:00 pm: Children will dive right into the messy part of science as we explore a new theme each session. Children will be encouraged to stretch their brains, creativity, bodies, and imagination as we investigate science. Working together we'll use our silly ideas, playfulness, and curiosity to hypothesize and experiment. Whether making alien goo , rubber bones, or tornadoes in a jar, children are certain to leave filled with wonder. Teacher: Michael Benton


Baby Sing, Dance, Create! (0 - 2): 10 – 10:45: A Music Together inspired class! Your child will  be developing her/his musical aptitude, as well as language, fine and gross motor skills. We will be working together exploring the world of music and play through different songs, dance, and movements. We will be encouraged to use our bodies, instruments, the world around us,  and each other to create the best musically enriched environment optimal for the children. This class is highly parent participatory and encouraged! Teacher: Latisha Simms

Art Lab (3-7): 1:00pm: In this class we will explore and create with different art mediums, textures and supplies. We will experiment with collage and mosaic pieces, create unique patterns and design with different sized bits and materials. Children will make and create with different doughs and clay and dive into some paper mache mask and sculpture making. As a class we will investigate different painting techniques as well as work with varying drawing materials like colored pencils, pastels, and crayons all while exploring and experiencing the process of creating. Teacher: Mariah Nall

Rhythm 101 (Ages 4 to 7) 4 pm: Learn percussion basics in this session designed to guide children in finding and making rhythm. Children will learn how to read rhythms and create different kinds of sounds using hands, mallets, drums and percussion instruments to create an alphabet of sound, tempo, and groove. Teacher: Deborah Cardoza

Art Workshops for Big and Little Beasts: Between 10 am and 12 pm: Each Friday features a new workshop to explore the arts. Art Beast provides the supplies and guidance as grown ups and children explore an art together. Teacher: Michael Benton

 All Weekdays:
Interactive Story Telling: Art Beast story circles happen every morning and afternoon. As the storyteller shares a story, children are invited to ask questions, share predictions, move their bodies, and get involved in a really good tale. 

Messy Art Sensory Tables: The outdoor courtyard offers opportunities to explore the mystery of oobleck, the wonder of mud, and the joy of all things gooey.
Open Studio Art Stations: Two tables on the Open Studio floor offer supplies and inspiration for creation.


Classes are capped at 12 children for most classes. Parents are always welcome to stay close during the class, and many classes invite and encourage parent participation.  All classes can be explored without committing to the full series. However, we encourage families to consider trying a class for 4 to 8 weeks so that children get the opportunity to explore the art, build a relationship with the teacher, and develop rapport with their classmates. Monthly memberships include 4 classes a month and annual memberships include 25 classes a year for each child under 7. Drop in visitors to Art Beast can join a class if there is room on the day of their visit. Only Art Beast members can reserve a space in advance.

Ready to Register?

Art Beast Members can call the studio to reserve a spot in any class in advance!
Drop in visitors can join classes with open spaces on the day of their visit.


What makes Art Beast different from other studios?

  • Our classes are designed specifically for kids under 7
  • Our classes emphasize process over product
  • You can take a class AND play for hours afterward in our play spaces
  • Parents can join many of the classes or easily watch from the comfortable, roomy seating area
  • While one child takes a class, you have a building of play spaces to explore with your other children
  • Classes beat other studios prices AND include far more than a 45 minute session
  • Your child does not need to commit to an 8 week session. They can dabble and try out various classes to find a good fit.
  • Every penny earned by Art Beast supports Tubman House, a transitional community for young homeless parents and their children.

What You’ll Find in Art Beast’s Teachers and Art Coaches

  • Experience working alongside children 0 to 6
  • A patient, joyful spirit
  • Ability to respond to each child’s needs in creating a welcoming space
  • A warm, friendly hello
  • Love for building an inclusive community of families
  • Crazy for the arts
  • Dazzled by the possibilities present in each child
  • Values all individuals and all types of family structures, and shares stories and songs that reflect families and children of many cultures and family types.
  • Promotes gender equity by ensuring stories, songs, and other artistic expressions portray both girls and boys equally as protagonists, and by portraying both girls and boys as brave, adventurous, heroic, gentle, loving, mischievous, and spirited.