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About ArtBeast

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ArtBeast promotes a free range childhood. We believe discovering who you are is usually messy and loud. But quiet and methodical are just fine too. Check out our full manifesto.


Our Pledge to the Shy

How to build a community of parents and children

Frequently asked questions

What is ArtBeast?

ArtBeast is a drop in arts exploration space for children featuring an open studio, arts classes, and arts exploration rooms. Though all children are welcome to visit ArtBeast, special focus is given to creating an environment for children under 6.

The open studio features tables, easels, and clay mounds where young artists can work. Surrounding shelves are stocked with paint, papers, objects from nature, recycled tidbits, glues, crayons, glitter, scissors, an array of brushes, and an even wider offering of objects from which to make art. Children develop confidence in expressing and messing as they create art pieces that convey their sense of the world.

Arts exploration rooms include rooms to explore dramatic arts, music, and movement. Dramatic play spaces changes monthly so children can explore the creation of story lines with ever changing scenery, props, costumes, and puppets. A music exploration space offers instruments from around the world so that budding musicians can strum, form drum circles, or form a band for the afternoon.

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The Tubman House


Every dime your family devotes to Art Beast directly supports and sustains Tubman House, a nonprofit serving young, homeless parents and their children.

Waking the Village is a nonprofit organization directing Tubman House, a free, 18 month transitional living program for Sacramento's homeless, parenting youth. At Tubman House, youth experience dynamic coursework, community support, counseling and healthy living so that they leave prepared to be leaders in their own lives and the lives of their communities.

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Why ArtBeast?

Sacramento needs a creative art center for children that includes open studio time and the opportunity to explore various arts. Sacramento has high price point, single class options where children must commit to a single interest. ArtBeast believes children under 6 need to explore- not specialize. ArtBeast offers that exploration at an affordable price. Monthly memberships package unlimited studio and play space time with weekly class offerings. Family memberships offer steep discounts.

ArtBeast acts as a gathering place for parents and caregivers committed to their children’s need to explore the arts. By offering an inclusive space to share art experiences with children, drink tea and connect with other adults, ArtBeast encourages the growth of a community that works to make Sacramento’s children art literate, hungry to create, and brave in expressing who they are becoming.

kid-paint.pngThe proceeds from ArtBeast fund programs for homeless children and youth. Every penny raised at ArtBeast goes to one of two places: back into ArtBeast or into Tubman House, a residential community for homeless youth and children. ArtBeast is a creative effort to sustain good work and reduce dependency on dwindling funding for nonprofits.

Where else can you build a community of families, grow the artist in your child, support homeless youth and children, and keep the crayons marks off YOUR wall?